Zielona Gora – this city with almost 140 thousand inhabitants is situated in the Lubuskie region and is a cultural and a scientific centre. It is located about 60 km from the German border. It is home to the Zielona Gora University, the Philharmonic, the Lubuski Theatre,The Sports and Recreation Centre, Speedway Club "Falubaz", Basketball Clubs "Stelmet" and "Zastal". Zielona Gora is called a capital of Polish cabaret. Many cabaret groups known in the entire country come from here. The city is also known for its wine tradition. The yearly Wine Festival reminds of the city's history. Despite difficult climate conditions, a dozen or more local vineyards produce wine with a unique flavour. You can find out about all the wine traditions by visiting the only wine museum in Poland or walking on the Wine Hill near the Palm House.

 Zielona Góra Stary Rynek  Zielona Góra Muzeum Etnograficzne w Zielonej Górze Ochli  Zielona Góra Palmiarnia  Zielona Góra Ogród Botaniczny
 Stary Rynek  Muzeum Etnograficzne w Zielonej Górze - Ochli  Palmiarnia  Ogród Botaniczny





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