Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers and Technicians

The official date of establishing the Branch of the Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers and Technicians (SITMP) in Zielona Góra is August 10, 1951. Currently, it has 93 members, associated in four group:

  • SIMP Municipal in Zielona Góra

  • SIMP Municipal in Kożuchów

  • SIMP located near Combined Heat and Power Plant

  • SIMP at Lumel

The Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) is a voluntary, democratic, self-governing and sustainable organization of social utility, bringing together engineers and mechanics technicians of all specialties and related professions. The genealogy of SIMP dates back to 1926. The statutory activity of SIMP, which focuses in the houses of the NOT technician and the houses of the mechanics, is supported by a network of over 80 business centers that carry out engineering works, mainly in the field of mechanics. The basic agendas of SIMP's business activity are:

• SIMP Castle in Rydzyna (Henryk Mierzejewski Castle)

• Team of Centers of Surveying and Technical Progress in Warsaw,

• Team of Personnel Training Centers in Warsaw,

• Complex of SIMPTEST Product Quality Qualification Centers in Katowice,

• SIMPRESS Publishing House in Warsaw.

SIMP is the publisher of 10 scientific and technical journals. The oldest magazine is "Mechanik", founded in 1909. In addition, the Association maintains cooperation with 4 other magazines, the topics of which relate to the area of interest of SIMP. SIMP is a creative association of a scientific and technical nature, the aim of which is to use the intellect of its members, the riches of nature, create an atmosphere of solidarity with friends, as well as care for the economic development of the country and the security of the Republic of Poland.

Objectives of the SIMP

• promotion of science, technology and promotion of culture and good manners,

• improving the professional qualifications of members,

• creating a forum for the exchange of information in the field of science and technology as well as economic and social issues,

• care for the observance of the professional ethics of engineers and technicians,

• popularizing the achievements of science, technology, economy and the creators of these fields,

• representing and defending the professional and personal interests of its members,

• developing friendly and professional ties,

• care for monuments of technology and material culture, care for the protection of the natural environment,

• promoting the idea of humanization of technology and association activities.

What does SIMP give you?

• supports scientific and technical creativity,

• grants professional qualifications,

• cooperates with other organizations and scientific and technical associations in Poland and abroad,

• cooperates with governmental and local government bodies in the field of creating or giving opinions on development programs and new technologies belonging to the sphere of interest of SIMP,

• conducts activities for standardization, certification and the development of technical and economic expertise,

• conducts training activities and cooperates with educational authorities in developing and giving opinions on curricula and teaching methods,

• organizes congresses, conferences, consultations, lectures, competitions, exhibitions, shows, as well as domestic and foreign training and technical trips,

• facilitates professional start for young engineers and technicians and provides care for the Association's seniors,

• organizes cultural, entertainment and recreational events,

• conducts publishing activities

• grants badges and awards,

• creates scholarship funds and provides peer help,

• facilitates professional practice and contacts with specialists,

• grants professional qualifications and titles of appraisal to perform specialized activities,

• conducts qualification procedures in order to obtain degrees of professional specialization,

• helps in processing applications when applying for entry into the FEANI register and obtaining the title of European engineer

• organizes entertainment events such as bicycle rallies and shooting competitions. 


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